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The Path of a Psychic Wanderer

Many years ago when I first starting doing intuitive work, I puzzled over how to describe myself on a business card. As a lawyer, my work had been easy to describe. But, I was at a loss as to how to describe the work I did as a professional psychic/teacher/speaker/author and so on. I finally settled on the term “Intuitive Master” and that has been my tag line for many years. When I decided to change my web site, though, I also realized that I no longer considered myself to be a master of anything.

I believe that one of the many changes of this new era we are starting is that we are all our own teachers and psychics. This doesn’t mean that we will not or should not seek out guidance and knowledge from others. It does feel, though, that we are all wandering down a new path together, blazing new trails and discovering ancient wisdom.

2012 has come and gone and most of us were rather happy to see it go. The shifts that happened during and around 12/21/12 were caused by our internal growth and evolution rather than from the external disasters that some had predicted. That doesn’t mean this transformation was not life changing, however. As we settle into this new life, most of us will feel unsettled, anxious, excited and perhaps a bit confused. It would be nice, perhaps, to have a map, a plan, or even a set of goals. Instead, for awhile at least, we will wander, trying one path, then another. This is the new era of the psychic wanderer.

Being a wanderer requires a new way of looking at the world. It is best to wander without judgment or expectation, delighting in the experiences along the way and always being ready to change course if need be. It is exciting and scary.

This web site was created as a place to discuss our wanderings and help each other over the rough spots while celebrating all the new experiences and growth. Stay a bit, wander through the pages and articles, explore the resources on the community page and leave a comment or two.

How this site is organized

As you wander through this site, you will notice that there are pages listed in the menu across the top. Clicking on any of these menu items will take you to the page about that topic. The Articles page contains a list of articles I have written on a number of topics. You are also able to leave a comment on the pages, letting us start a conversation about various topics. It may take me some time to reply but, unless I am out of town, I WILL respond.
The drop down list on the Article page will take you to articles on such things as palmistry, travel, intuitive exercises, the Light Collective and the general category of musings. By clicking on palmistry, for example, you will be able to see only the articles on that topic. You can also search this website for topics (such as fairies, remote viewing, etc.) and, if there is an article on that topic, it will take you there.
If you wish, you can post any article to facebook or email it to a friend simply by clicking on the icons at the top. Thank you in advance for spreading the word around.
The community page is a place where I list people who are offering various services and products of interest to the people who visit this site. Scroll down to read about and get contact information for many psychic readers, healers, Feng Shui practitioners and others listed there. If you are interested in having your own service listed, directions on how to do that are at the bottom of the community page.
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Kathryn Harwig